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About Sinéad

Sinéad Cracknell, the visionary founder and CEO of a globally renowned company bearing her name, stands at the forefront as the world's leading spiritual business mentor, wealth activator, and soul purpose expert.
With a proven track record, Sinéad has successfully mentored multi 6 and 7-figure+ CEOs, including changemakers, paradigm shifters, global influencers, and teachers. 
As an intuitive channel radiating high-frequency energy, Sinéad utilises trauma-informed education (and experience) to support sovereign leaders in navigating life and business complexities. Clients seek her out when they are poised to receive initiation into their next level of income, drawn by her succinct insights and unwavering support. 
When Sinéad is not supporting her clients and changing the world, she finds solace swimming in the icy embrace of the Atlantic Ocean, indulging in horse rides with her daughter, and savouring nature walks with her dogs.
In every aspect of her life, Sinéad Cracknell embodies the essence of limitless possibilities and catalyses miracles with a fiery energy that inspires profound change.

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